How you can Reset a Volkswagen Check Engine Light

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Tips on how to Reset a Volkswagen Check Engine Light


Volkswagen automobiles designed after 1996 are outfitted using a process of sensors generally known as On Board Diagnostics (OBD II). These sensors check quite a few crucial engine functions and aid to reduced hazardous emissions. When a single of these sensors fails it sends a signal for the engine laptop or computer to illuminate the "Check Engine" light during the dash. To clear this light you will need a VW diagnostic code scanner, VW Scanners array in selling price from 40usd to 120USD and therefore are available at most auto parts shops, I strongly advise the most beneficial top quality vas5054a, the most recent version V19, and it is with Bluetooth, vas5054a V19 Bluetooth with OKI chip and help UDS Protocol.


one, Connect the vas5054a on the vehicle's diagnostic port, the port are going to be found within the dash below the heater controls.

two, Turn the key on the "Run" position, but never start out the engine.

three, Press the button within the 5054A that reads "Scan for problems codes".

four, Watch for 5054 to finish scanning the engine's computer.

five, Press the button on vas 5054a labeled "Clear all difficulty codes."

six, Disconnect the vas 5054a v19 from the automobile.

Suggestions and Warnings

one, be careful when inserting vas 5054a into the diagnostic port around the vehicle. The little pins on 5054a cable is often bent.

two, For those who never very own a vas5054a and don’t want to buy one particular, most auto elements stores will study and clear troubled codes at no value.

three, clearing the troubled codes from the engine computer system is not going to remedy the underlying difficulty that caused the Check out Engine light to illuminate. In case you will not repair the underlying challenge, the Check out Engine light will come on once more.

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