Laser headlights future products with high technology

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Compare with car LED lamps, laser headlights are just present rarely. It is a future product with high technology. Of course, it is price cannot be so acceptable by the ordinary.
Following car LED lamps, laser headlights are called next step with reasonability. the principle of a laser diode emitting blue light will have a fluorescent phosphor material through the inner headlight unit, which is converted into a diffused white, with more energy saving. BMW announced that this laser lighting technology will be used in the next generation BMW i8 concept car, and will further develop in the future flagship model in the new BMW 7 Series and so on.

Advantages: the reason why laser headlights is so highly anticipated, mainly because its lighting distance is farther than LED and xenon lamps, and lower power consumption, which can be made into shaped headlamps. In addition, high stability, long life and less heat are also the advantages of laser headlights.

Besides, the need to produce the same light intensity smaller size, it can reduce the overall footprint of the engine compartment, so you can allow them to design more innovative headlight position and shape.

Existing questions now: laser headlights can now foresee nothing but the factors, time and price. Even three years later, the laser headlamps comet to public, it will still appear on the flagship car model. It is not realistic to be commonly seen in ordinary vehicle models in short-term.

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