Three best heavy duty truck diagnostic tool

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Usually, customers will feel confused what the scan tool is best for heavy duty trucks. Today we help you make it clear. There are three most used heavy duty trucks diagnostic tools, they are VCX HD Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic System, Super Mercedes Benz Mb star, X431 Heavy Duty. These diagnostic tools help do the diagnosis of heavy duty trucks.


VCX HD Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic System

VCX HD Heavy Duty Truck is designed according to industry standard of RP1210A.B, it is PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with multiple software applications, Allscanner flexible configuration supports USB wired and 802.11b.g WIFI wireless connectivity, it support 12V and 24V vehicles communication and available to diagnose heavy and Light trucks .

Allscanner VCX HD’s greatest character is durability, it’s really wroth well. Another character is facility. VCX Heavy Duty is available to diagnose most of heavy trucks, such as CAT, VOLVO, HINO, Cummins and Nissan. It also can diagnose Buses, Grabs, Cranes and Engineering machines.


Super Mercedes Benz Mb star updated by internet Fit all computer

Super Mb star V3.0 is the new version of Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool. It can be updated in the end of customer side, unlike MB star C3 and Mercedes star C4 do not work on Mercedes Benz truck, while Super Mb star V3.0 covers Benz trucks up to 2010 year .This Mb star can be connected to factory computer and IBM laptop.


Mercedes Benz star’s software languages: English, Chinese, Deutsch, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, Japan, Swedish, Turkish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Dutch these rare languages.


X431 Heavy Duty Updated via Internet

X431 Heavy Duty Updated via Internet cover heavy duty diesel vehicle models of 12V and 24V voltage, it includes all the advantages of the previous version. Launch X431 Heavy Duty features ergonomic design, compact structure, convenient use and strong expandability.

X431 Heavy Duty’s most special character is that it contains all diesel vehicle the electronic control systems, so it can handling your problem exactly. Except that, it contains a unique data transfer to ensure fast operation. While the other Launch X431 scanners do not work with heavy duty trucks.


These three kinds of heavy duty diagnostic tools have different characters and features. They are all leading and efficient tools.

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jeanne 01/10/2014 05:28

After reading this I felt that these three kinds of heavy duty diagnostic tools have different characters and
features.Thanks for sharing this information to the readers. And also keep sharing more information about the heavy duty trucks.